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 Buick Cars For Sale in USA & Europe

Classic Buick Car Parts

 Engine Parts

Dynamos, Alternators & Starters  Exhaust System Parts Suspension Parts  Lighting Parts Brake Parts Air Conditioning / Heating Parts Cooling System Parts Body / Exterior Parts Gauges & Instruments  Fuel & Air System Parts

If you cannot find the Buick parts you need on this page, just send us an e.mail with your requirements.

Give us the make, model & year of your Buick along with any photos that may assist with parts identification.

We will check availability of the parts you need with our worldwide contacts and then send you a no obligation parts quote for your Buick if we are able to help you.



Parts Available via Ebay in...

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Buick 40 Parts USA

Buick 40 Parts UK

Buick 40 Parts Germany

Buick 40 Parts France

Buick 40 Parts Italy

Buick 40 Parts Canada

Buick 40 Parts Australia


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Buick 41 Parts USA

Buick 41 Parts UK

Buick 41 Parts Germany

Buick 41 Parts France

Buick 41 Parts Italy

Buick 41 Parts Canada

Buick 41 Parts Australia


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Buick 46 Parts USA

Buick 46 Parts UK

Buick 46 Parts Germany

Buick 46 Parts France

Buick 46 Parts Italy

Buick 46 Parts Canada

Buick 46 Parts Australia


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Buick 50 Parts USA

Buick 50 Parts UK

Buick 50 Parts Germany

Buick 50 Parts France

Buick 50 Parts Italy

Buick 50 Parts Canada

Buick 50 Parts Australia


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Buick 60 Parts USA

Buick 60 Parts UK

Buick 60 Parts Germany

Buick 60 Parts France

Buick 60 Parts Italy

Buick 60 Parts Canada

Buick 60 Parts Australia


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Buick 700 Parts USA

Buick 700 Parts UK

Buick 700 Parts Germany

Buick 700 Parts France

Buick 700 Parts Italy

Buick 700 Parts Canada

Buick 700 Parts Australia


Apollo Image result for right arrow red

Buick Apollo Parts USA

Buick Apollo Parts UK

Buick Apollo Parts Germany

Buick Apollo Parts France

Buick Apollo Parts Italy

Buick Apollo Parts Canada

Buick Apollo Parts Australia


Centurion Image result for right arrow red

Buick Centurion Parts USA

Buick Centurion Parts UK

Buick Centurion Parts Germany

Buick Centurion Parts France

Buick Centurion Parts Italy

Buick Centurion Parts Canada

Buick Centurion Parts Australia


Century Image result for right arrow red

Buick Century Parts USA

Buick Century Parts UK

Buick Century Parts Germany

Buick Century Parts France

Buick Century Parts Italy

Buick Century Parts Canada

Buick Century Parts Australia


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Buick Eight Parts USA

Buick Eight Parts UK

Buick Eight Parts Germany

Buick Eight Parts France

Buick Eight Parts Italy

Buick Eight Parts Canada

Buick Eight Parts Australia


Electra Image result for right arrow red

Buick Electra Parts USA

Buick Electra Parts UK

Buick Electra Parts Germany

Buick Electra Parts France

Buick Electra Parts Italy

Buick Electra Parts Canada

Buick Electra Parts Australia


GS 400 Image result for right arrow red

Buick GS400 Parts USA

Buick GS400 Parts UK

Buick GS400 Parts Germany

Buick GS400 Parts France

Buick GS400 Parts Italy

Buick GS400 Parts Canada

Buick GS400 Parts Australia


GS 445 Image result for right arrow red

Buick 455 Parts USA

Buick GS455 Parts UK

Buick GS455 Parts Germany

Buick GS455 Parts France

Buick 455 Parts Italy

Buick 455 Parts Canada

Buick 455 Parts Australia


Invicta Image result for right arrow red

Buick Invicta Parts USA

Buick Invicta Parts UK

Buick Invicta Parts Germany

Buick Invicta Parts France

Buick Invicta Parts Italy

Buick Invicta Parts Canada

Buick Invicta Parts Australia


LeSabre Image result for right arrow red

Buick LeSabre Parts USA

Buick LeSabre Parts UK

Buick LeSabre Parts Germany

Buick LeSabre Parts France

Buick LeSabre Parts Italy

Buick LeSabre Parts Canada

Buick LeSabre Parts Australia


Limited Image result for right arrow red

Buick Limited Parts USA

Buick Limited Parts UK

Buick Limited Parts Germany

Buick Limited Parts France

Buick Limited Parts Italy

Buick Limited Parts Canada

Buick Limited Parts Australia


Regal Image result for right arrow red

Buick Regal Parts USA

Buick Regal Parts UK

Buick Regal Parts Germany

Buick Regal Parts France

Buick Regal Parts Italy

Buick Regal Parts Canada

Buick Regal Parts Australia


Riviera Image result for right arrow red

Buick Riviera Parts USA

Buick Riviera Parts UK

Buick Riviera Parts Germany

Buick Riviera Parts France

Buick Riviera Parts Italy

Buick Riviera Parts Canada

Buick Riviera Parts Australia


Roadmaster Image result for right arrow red

Buick Roadmaster Parts USA

Buick Roadmaster Parts UK

Buick Roadmaster Parts Germany

Buick Roadmaster Parts France

Buick Roadmaster Parts Italy

Buick Roadmaster Parts Canada

Buick Roadmaster Parts Australia


Sedanet Image result for right arrow red

Buick Sedanet Parts USA

Buick Sedanet Parts UK

Buick Sedanet Parts Germany

Buick Sedanet Parts France

Buick Sedanet Parts Italy

Buick Sedanet Parts Canada

Buick Sedanet Parts Australia


Skyhawk Image result for right arrow red

Buick Skyhawk Parts USA

Buick Skyhawk Parts UK

Buick Skyhawk Parts Germany

Buick Skyhawk  Parts France

Buick Skyhawk Parts Italy

Buick Skyhawk Parts Canada

Buick Skyhawk Parts Australia


Skylark Image result for right arrow red

Buick Skylark Parts USA

Buick Skylark Parts UK

Buick Skylark Parts Germany

Buick Skylark Parts France

Buick Skylark Parts Italy

Buick Skylark Parts Canada

Buick Skylark Parts Australia


Special Image result for right arrow red

Buick Special Parts USA

Buick Special Parts UK

Buick Special Parts Germany

Buick Special Parts France

Buick Special Parts Italy

Buick Special Parts Canada

Buick Special Parts Australia


Super Image result for right arrow red

Buick Super Parts USA

Buick Super Parts UK

Buick Super Parts Germany

Buick Super Parts France

Buick Super Parts Italy

Buick Super Parts Canada

Buick Super Parts Australia

Looking for Bumpers for your Classic Buick?

We can how offer new, high quality stainless steel bumpers for all classic American & European cars.

Our highly polished stainless steel bumpers are indistinguishable from chromed versions & will never go rusty. Please visit our sister website by clicking HERE to see all stock bumpers currently available.

1940 Buick Series 40

Have you Considered Buying a Donor Car?

Many times owners will find that the classic car they have bought is in a lot worse condition than they first thought & economically it is not worth trying to restore it. One possible way to overcome this problem is to source a complete donor car.

Below are general listings of classic Buicks available right now on Ebay in each of the countries listed.

Classic Buick Cars For Sale Image result for right arrow red

Classic Buick For Sale in USA

Classic Buick For Sale in UK

Classic Buick For Sale in Germany

Classic Buick For Sale in France

Classic Buick For Sale in Italy

Classic Buick For Sale in Canada

Classic Buick For Sale in Australia

Buick Cars For Sale in USA & Europe Buick Le Sabre Convertible  1965 Buick Riviera Coupe Hardtop  1965 Buick Skylark Convertible  1965 Buick Skylark Custom Sport Wagon  1965 Buick Wildcat Coupe Hardtop  1965 Buick 225 Electra Hardtop Sedan  1966 Buick Riviera Coupe Hardtop  1966

NEW!! Value Advertising

Buick Cars & Parts For Sale & Wanted

Ebay, owners clubs & our sources are great ways to locate parts no longer in production, but there are many thousands of amateur enthusiasts, restoration companies & dealers out there who visit our website, but don't bother to advertise the classic car parts they have sitting around in their sheds, garages or workshops!!

Your ad will be shown on both the full make / models listings web page & the individual web page relevant to your car. Remember that most of the visitors to these web pages may own, be restoring, or have an interest in the same make / model of classic car as yours, so could either have parts or contacts that would be of great value to you.

For just $4.99usd/ ₤gbp / €euros your ad will run until you ask us to delete it!!

Click HERE to go to our simple online ad submission form

Classic & Vintage Motorcycles & Parts For Sale

The forty different manufacturers featured on this site include famous classic names from all over the world like AJS, DKW, Ariel, Bultaco, Douglas, Norton, More info.

1936 Douglas SV Endeavour

Classic & Vintage Scooters & Parts For Sale

Popular scooter classics like Lambretta & Vespa from Italy are obviously listed on this site, but also some more obscure names like Zundapp, Puch, BSA & Maico etc. More info.

1955 Heinkel Tourist 103A-0

Classic 4x4 / AWD Parts & Vehicles For Sale

This website is dedicated to the location & supply of rare & hard to find parts for classic 4x4 cars & trucks from the famous WW2 Willys MB to Audi Quattro. More info.




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Are you having problems with your old Buick engine but can't solve them?

Image result for clipart spanner

We have put together a page devoted to symptoms and causes of engine problems that classic car engines can suffer from.

There are a surprising number of things that can affect the performance of an engine & our comprehensive troubleshooting guide covers components common to all classic cars like the fuel, cooling, ignition and electrical systems. Also listed are the problems that can occur with the internal engine parts such as valves, pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft and bearings etc.

Hopefully this guide will suggest something you haven't already thought of & you will have your engine running sweetly very shortly!!

Parts for Buick 40 

Parts for Buick 41

Parts for Buick 46

Parts for Buick 50

Parts for Buick 60

Parts for Buick 700

Parts for Buick Apollo

Parts for Buick Centurion

Parts for Buick Century

Parts for Buick Eight

Parts for Buick Electra

Parts for Buick GS400

Parts for Buick GS445

Parts for Buick Invicta

Parts for Buick LeSabre

Parts for Buick Limited

Parts for Buick Regal

Parts for Buick 40

Parts for Buick Roadmaster

Parts for Buick Sedanet

Parts for Buick Skyhawk

Parts for Buick Skylark

Parts for Buick Special

Parts for Buick Super

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